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Shop Sweet Things's Jeanne Chan

shop sweet things's jeanne chan!

If we judged a blog by its cover, we’d think Jeanne Chan’s world is one in which fresh cut flowers sit on every table, The Sound of Music plays on loop, and animals have better wardrobes than we do.

Maybe not that last one, but it’s hard to argue the fact that Chan’s got an eye for adorable. We asked the mom of two to dish on her ideal cartoon family, most magical moment, and high school wardrobe.

Name: Jeanne Chan

Neighborhood: Twin Peaks

Occupation: Lifestyle blogger and curator behind Shop Sweet Things

What item in your wardrobe generates the most compliments from strangers?

A black leather wrap watch with gold pyramid studs from Le Mer. I’ve had it for over two years and am still getting compliments whenever I wear it out.

Share your favorite “only in SF” moment.
When I said my wedding vows on a 42nd-floor rooftop that overlooks the San Francisco Bay. Oh, and my veil was flying all the way up because of the winds! It was during the Indian summer, but you can never predict the weather in SF.

If you could be turned into a cartoon on your favorite animated series or movie from your childhood, what would it be and why?
I loved The Jetsons. I used to eat my bowl of cereal in front of that show before school every day. I suppose it’s the futuristic aspect that captivated me.

Share three of your favorite SF places: one retail, one dining, and one secret spot that never gets old.
Lately, I’m in love with Scotch & Soda, which opened in SF not too long ago. I love that the clothes have a pared-down, cool vibe but still very chic. For dining, I love going to Locanda. The dishes are always fresh and simple; the taste always stays true to the classic, but there’s a slight twist to the recipe. The one secret spot that never gets old is Liguria Bakery in North Beach. They make the best authentic focaccia in the city. I used to attend school at Saints Peter and Paul right around the corner. I think every kid that goes to that school has gotten lunch from there; if not, definitely an after-school snack. I was just there two weekends ago, and the line was still out the door.

What did you have for breakfast today?
You caught me on a guilty breakfast day. My cousin was just up in Napa and got me some macarons from Bouchon Bakery, so I had a soft and chewy chocolate macaron and a glass of milk.

What were you wearing in your favorite school photo, and what grade was it from?

It was my senior year in high school, and I was wearing this checkered, front-buttoned sleeveless tank from Esprit. I remember getting that top from the Esprit Factory out near China Basin. It was a pretty cool outlet. Is that brand still around?

Let’s play virtual show-and-tell, grandmother’s house. Pick one item that reminds you of a cherished memory and tell us about it.
I have two. When my grandparents passed away, they both left items for their grandchildren to cherish. I got a pretty floral silk scarf from my grandmother and a flannel paperboy hat from my grandfather. They had a total of twenty grandchildren, but they were always so loving and caring with all of us. I still remember going to their house every year for Chinese New Year — they would cook up some real good, traditional rice cake dishes!

What’s been the best thing to happen to you since starting your site?
The ability to work with start-up companies as well as established ones. It’s been really wonderful to build a business from it and still be able to work my own hours and include my own personal taste and aesthetic throughout the whole process. And getting myself up to speed with social media has a great advantage, too.

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Photo: Ashley Batz