DailyCandy Jams v.89

local natives!

In today’s U.S. (music) history lesson, we learn about Foxygen’s “San Francisco,” The History of Apple Pie band (wait, they’re from the UK?), and the return of Los Angeles’s Local Natives.

“Heavy Feet‚” by Local Natives

“Open Season‚” by High Highs

“San Francisco‚” by Foxygen

“Here I Am,” by Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

“Houdini Crush,” by Buke and Gase

“You Belong Here‚” by Leagues

“You’ll Never Go‚” by Wake Owl

“Boy‚” by The Ruby Suns

“Drove Me Wild‚” by Tegan and Sara

“See You‚” by The History of Apple Pie

Download the playlist on iTunes or stream it here.

Photo: Bryan Sheffield / Courtesy of Local Natives