Q&A: Women Behind the Site

Catching up with The Coveteur editors Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark

the coveteur!

Fashion sites come a dime a dozen, but Canadian-based chronicle The Coveteur’s newly launched (and fully shopable) blog is constantly making plays for our rent money. We chatted with the co-founders about their good luck charms, miniatures obsession, and future plans.

Names: Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark

Location: The Annex, Toronto

Occupation: President/creative director (Erin) and marketplace director/advertising manager (Stephanie)

Finish this sentence. I’m constantly/secretly jealous of: 
Erin: Iris Apfel’s swag! We’re dying to shoot her.
Stephanie: [Other] girls’ hair color.

Your clothing good luck charm? 
Erin: A 24-karat gold coin ring passed from my great grandmother.
Stephanie: My Me&Ro ring — all of the girls in my family have one, too!

What style icon — living, dead, or fictitious  would smile down on your outfit today? 
Erin: Hugh Hefner. (Pajama dressing is huge at Cov HQ.)
Stephanie: Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. I love androgynous dressing. 

What’s been your most viewed story so far? 
By far, when we Coveteur-ed Cher Horowitz. She is everything right now, and ’90s nostalgia seems to be everywhere, too.

You recently interviewed Barbie. Thoughts? 
Girl’s got clothes! Even her clutches open and function. We are now officially obsessed with miniature everything — she even has a mini MacBook. Her clothes are directly inspired by runway looks that we love, as are her always-changing hairstyles and makeup. She really is the eternal fashion style icon. Interestingly enough, everyone at Barbie HQ stays in full character at all times — they refer to Barbie as a real life human being.

What’s next for the site? 
We’ve just launched a new section called The Edit, where we’re going to be posting new content multiple times a day throughout the week. We’re taking it a step further than just closets and clothes, too. It will focus on everything from interiors to beauty and have cool features where we catch up with alumni Coveteurs for new stories, daily inspiration, musings, etc. with an e-commerce focus.

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Photo: Courtesy of The Coveteur