Video Maven: SuChin Pak's YouTube Picks

Power poses, grumpy cats, and more

suchin pak!

Our chief correspondent, SuChin Pak, spends a lot of time on the Internet, which translates to a lot of YouTube video recommendations. It only made sense to go public. Without further ado, here are her picks for this week.

“I’m a sucker for self-help videos. In this one, you get a pose you can do for two minutes that will change the way you feel about yourself and how people respond to you.”

“I can’t even remember when I actually heard this, because it was before the Internet. When the little old lady says, ‘Who’s dish?’ I die.”

“There will be lots of cats on my list. I never tire of them. And because there are so many cat videos, when someone does a really good one, they get a gold star.”

For this week’s full playlist, go to youtube.com/dailycandy.