Get Hooked on ML Brown and Co. Leather Goods

Make Mat Brown your fair leather friend

half hitch goods!

Hoarders: Accessories Edition

TV Host: Why don’t you explain why we’re all here?

Concerned Family Member: [Points to hoarder] Her addiction to tacky thrift store accessories is completely out of control. We counted 50 macrame belts on her bedroom floor.

TVH: Is this true?

Hoarder: I have to wear them with different pieces.

CFM: No one needs that many belts. We’re going to get you help; we brought in an expert.

Mat Brown: Hi, I’m a Bay Area craftsman, and I’ve been creating leather goods for years. I use high-quality vegetable-tanned American hides to create unisex, versatile wallets, belts, key chains, and bags.

TVH: Mat, please detail your intended sartorial intervention.

MB: We’ll replace your vintage sacks with a buttery, envelope-style clutch secured with a blue leather tie. Your jangly key sets get cleaned up via a braided leather chain. And for ill-fitting pairs of secondhand trousers? One ambiguously rugged belt.

TVH: This leather report sounds like a saving grace.

Available at halfhitchgoods.com, $25-$120. For custom orders, email brownmathieu@gmail.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Half Hitch Goods