Earth Tu Face All-Natural Beauty Products

A stellar skin care line

earth tu face!

The SS You: Houston, we have a problem.

Houston: 10-4, copy that. Go.

Y: I can’t decipher the ingredients on the back of this moisturizer. It seems to be logged in a complex alien code. Does anyone speak oxides?

H: Earth Tu Face.

Y: Sorry, it’s still me.

H: No, get Earth Tu Face. It’s a new beauty line that’s on your frequency. California-based herbalists did years of recon before launching the all-natural collection; each product contains pure, plant-based, food-grade ingredients that could technically be eaten. They’ve pared down items to maximize utility (see: an eye/repair serum that removes makeup while nourishing skin). As for environmental needs, the packaging is designed to be reused and Voyage kits are sized to go.

Y: That’s out of this world.

Available at General Store, 1801 Lincoln Boulevard, at Superba Avenue, Venice (310-751-6393 or shop-generalstore.com); at stevenalan.com or anthropologie.com, $22-$62. For more information, go to earthtuface.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Earth Tu Face 

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