Carpool Playlist: The Boogers

The best music for air guitar solos


Forget Chutes and Ladders. Sometimes, the best cure for cabin fever is air guitar.

Strum your troubles away with The Boogers’ third album, Extractum Victoris. The new release — a hurricane of punk rhythms and bass licks — is as high energy as kindie rock gets. In live shows, the Chicago band prompts mini mosh pits. Its album, which includes both cover songs and originals, creates the same momentum.

“Gimme Some Pancakes” is a slam-dance homage to the breakfast food, while “This Land Is Your Land” is a thundering rendition of the folk classic. Even “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” gets a gnarly redo.

Go ahead — rock it to them.

Available at amazon.com, $14.

Photo: Courtesy of Boogers