Sarah Nishiura Makes Future Heirlooms

Blankets to have and to hold on to

sarah nishiura quilts!

Everyone’s pickling. You stole your grandma’s canasta set. Middle schoolers are dyeing their hair gray.

We’re going back to our roots.

Which is why quilting is making a comeback. Artist Sarah Nishiura learned the craft from her mom. More than a decade later, the art school grad creates intricate, one-of-a-kind pieces that function as bed coverings, throws, or wall hangings.

Made almost entirely from vintage and recycled materials, the quilts are inspired by myriad techniques (West African strip weaving, Navajo and American traditions) for a throwback-meets-contemporary aesthetic.

Nishiura treats each quilt like a canvas, organizing her designs into grids, stripes, and vanishing points, then applying intricate motifs (zigzags, crosses, stripes, geometric shapes). Some require up to four months to construct; she makes just a handful a year.

They’re priced like investment pieces.

But they’ll stand the test of time.

Available at ashtonroad.com, $850-$4,600. For custom orders or more information, go to sarahnishiura.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Nishiura