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Cocktail Crate Launches

A new cheers leader

cocktail crate!

Attn: Members, DCU Alpha Chapter
Subject: Our next mixer

Dear fraternal fam,

We hear you’re so (br)over screwdrivers and vodka waters. Us, too. Thankfully, our social chair has enlisted Cocktail Crate — a new line of mixers primarily made from locally sourced organic ingredients — to put the fresh back in refreshments.

For the launch, get buzzed on founder/Queens native Alexander Abbott Boyd’s Ginger Bee (NY wildflower honey, fresh ginger, cloves) and rum, Smoky Hops (Cascade hops, smoked black tea Lapsang Souchong) with vodka, and wintry old-fashioneds (Indonesian and Ceylon cinnamon, orange peel, allspice). Additional seasonally driven flavors are in the works.

Each bottle contains about twelve servings and should be ordered a few days prior to party time. As for you health nuts: Chill (upon arrival), all concoctions are preservative free. Simply add booze once the clock strikes happy hours.

They’re delicious and go down easy. Please keep it classy and refrain from doing the same.

Available at cocktailcrate.com, $15 per bottle.

Photo: Courtesy of Cocktail Crate