Mad Dribbling Skills

Modern-twist bibs

modern twist!

It’s hard to have an evolved perspective (I am teaching my child a necessary and important life skill) when you’re obsessing over pureed guava landing on your new booties.

Catch a break with Modern-twist. The new bucket bibs from the San Francisco-based design house have a pocket to catch dribbles before they hit the ground.

Available in two adult-pleasing motifs (robots and farm buddies) and four kid-friendly colors (pink, turquoise, red, purple), the collection is built for families on the move. The pliable and natural food-grade silicone smocks easily roll up and slip into diaper bags or purses. Once the meal is done, wipe with a damp cloth or put in the dishwasher for a deep clean.

The entire collection is ecofriendly and kid safe (no BPA, lead, latex, or phthalates). So if your mini man prefers a bite out of the bib to his veggies, there’s nothing to fear — except a lifetime of bad eating habits.

Available at modern-twist.com, $20.

Photos: Courtesy of Modern Twist