Get Techy with Grand St. Gadget Shop

Tune in, turn on, and get shopping

grand st. gadget shop!

Your tech quest history is more Sad Mac than Happy Mac.

Reboot with a visit to new virtual techie-toy shop, Grand St.

Every other day, the site adds a new plaything to its rotating roster of creative gizmos. That means futuristic thingamajigs like Livescribe Sky (a Wi-Fi-enabled pen that digitally transcribes handwritten notes); stylish, self-watering Click & Grow planter; and the hand-powered BoostTurbine cell phone charger. Products are fully vetted and tested before making the cut (read: They’re functional and fun).

The state-of-the-art experience doesn’t officially launch until March (Sad Mac). Fortunately, we pulled some strings: DailyCandy readers can shop the beta site now — with a $15 credit (Happy Mac).

Items are shipped the same day.

Go, go, gadget.

Available at grandst.com, $15-$450.

Photos: Courtesy of Grand St.