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Mara Hoffman fall 2013 collection

mara hoffman fall 2013 collection!

New Yorkers don’t bat a false eyelash at topless grocery shoppers or naked cowboys in Times Square. But when a colorful band of gypsies sashays through Lincoln Center onto the Mara Hoffman runway, people drop their smartphones and stare.

Hoffman clad her caravan in pink and turquoise kaleidoscope prints, black and white suzani separates, and faux leopard-fur capes and caftans. Some nomads wore embroidered, sheer gowns; others, all-seeing-eye-marked knits. Pamela Love outfitted ears with draped chains that wrapped around backs of heads.

If only they had pan flutes and tambourines, we’d let this group entertain us any day.


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Photos: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images