Deck Your Halls with Elisa Werbler Art

Eureka, we think she's got it

elisa werbler birthstone prints!

Elisa Werbler is a gem.

After spotting the RISD alum and former Anthropologie window display designer’s prints last summer, we begged her to set up an online shop.

She politely obliged: Her site is officially live.

Hang one of her new silk-screened stones on your wall and every day will feel like your birthday. Each print contains just five transparent ink colors; clever layering makes them appear three-dimensional with at least ten hues.

A diamond sparkles with pink, light blue, and deep mauve; ruby glows shades of red and purple; opal shines gecko and seafoam greens, navy, coral, and chartreuse. Pick your coordinating stone or favorite color, or go for broke with the full set.

Werbler swears the collection is the result of her interest in geometry and color and a few “happy accidents” along the way.

A likely birth story.

Available at elisawerbler.com, $110-$1,200.

Photo: Courtesy of Elisa Werbler