Hang Crooked Nest's Follicular Juxtapositions

Fern's the word

crooked nest!

Inside, you’re all beet juice and spirulina.

But your walls are running on empty.

Revitalize your home with a Crooked Nest plant arrangement.

With backgrounds in architecture and fine art, owners Candace Silvey and Elena Powditch design sophisticated, Seuss-like installations (shadow boxes, plant chandeliers, conceptual fern groves) to suit your space.

During an initial consultation, you’ll lay out what you lust for — whether it’s a living wall or kaleidoscopic succulent garden. Silvey and Powditch then sketch a creative solution with respect to your lighting, lifestyle, and more.

Next, the moss bosses collaborate with the Bay Area’s most innovative and talented carpenters, metalworkers, ceramicists, and knot tiers to bring your vision to life, sourcing local plants along the way.

Not ready to dig major roots? Bubble gardens (inspired by observing soap bubbles in Dolores Park) capture foraged greens inside hand-blown glass.

Everyone will be green with envy.

Available by phone order (415-730-9392) or email (info@crookednest.com). Pricing varies by project; bubble gardens cost $300 and up. For more information, go to crookednest.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Crooked Nest