Spin a Yarn with Stevie Howell's Scarves

They have a story to tell

stevie howell!

One could read your look like a book.

It says you have a thing for sailors. (And Waldo.)

Tell a more interesting tale with digitally printed scarves from Stevie Howell. Armed with a background in art and painting (Glasgow School of Art, School of the Art Institute of Chicago), the Bay Area native crafts elegantly abstract textiles that are sewn in SF.

Swirly Hemlock, inspired by the plant used to kill Socrates, is a wearable adaptation of a wintry weather report. The Sunsplatter constellation print pops with yellow flecks on drippy gray. Chip Blue, with its hidden teeth, mountain swirls, and peacock-hued clouds, resembles a groovy hand-me-down from Miss Frizzle’s college years.

Each work comes in two sizes. Conjure your inner cowboy with the small version; use the larger to wrap up on chilly days.

Howell’s next chapter — a bedding collaboration with Anthropologie — hits stores next month.

We predict a best-seller.

Available at steviehowell.com, $240-$375.

Photo: Courtesy of Stevie Howell