Elave Baby Skincare Tackles a Sensitive Issue

A new line we're getting on a soapbox for


Your bathing beauty may request strawberry-scented suds, but the bath rash has a way of bursting her bubble.

Steer clear of irritating additives with Irish skin care line Elave Baby.

Dermatologists lent a hand in creating products that cater to Miss Tender Tush’s sensitive skin. And they left out the sulfates, parabens, and dyes that show up in most creams and soaps.

Rub the oil on her noggin to tame cradle cap or use it during a pre-bedtime massage (the nongreasy texture absorbs in a second to provide just the right amount of slip). Eczema flare-up? Lotion with a hint of chamomile soothes it. And the shampoo leaves baby’s hair as soft and fluffy as a duckling.

Way to make a splash.

Available at elaveskincareus.com, $10-$16.

Photo: Courtesy of Elave