Get on Board with SurfSet

Sea a difference

surfset workout bay club!

Your gym schedule is morphing into the happy days of unrealized childhood dreams.

Monday? Prima ballerina. Tuesday? Shake it like Bey. And on Wednesday, you join the circus via flying trapeze.

(White) cap off the week in style with SurfSet, new to the Bay Club. The wellness love child of surfing, yoga, and body circuit training, the indoor class is a 30-minute series of stretches performed on a special board.

Start with a brief warm-up (squats, push-ups). But don’t get too comfortable. The pace quickly advances from beach boogie to straight-up Keanu intensity with frog jumps, raised side leg dips, and duck dives.

Each session varies depending on instructor — some even weave an aquatic-themed narrative (i.e., hop over that piece of sea glass) into the routine.

Jumping the shark is encouraged.

Available at the Bay Club (415-433-2200 or sfbayclub.com); cost is included in membership, $190 and up per month. For schedule and locations, go to sfbayclub.com/class-schedule. To learn more about SurfSet, go to surfsetfitness.com.

Photo: Courtesy of SurfSet