Play It Again: Tatlin Magnets

A must-have magnet set for petite Picassos


Arming preschoolers for artistic expression with standard supplies — paint, markers, glue — is just asking for trouble (unless you don’t particularly like your furniture).

How about letting little hands loose with 288 mess-free rainbow-colored triangle magnets instead?

The creative possibilities are endless with Kidsonroof’s magnetic-cardboard Tatlin set, inspired by and named for Russian architect and painter Vladimir Tatlin. An idea card gets you started with patterns for everything from mountains and trains to birds and boats.

Create masterpieces on a fridge or chalkboard, then pull them off and start again. When dinnertime rolls around, there’s no need to rinse brushes or scrub hands — just pile all the pieces into their compact box. And come to the table.

Available at kidsonroof.com, $40.

Photos: Courtesy of Kids on Roof