It's Oil on Paper

Home Grown Books launches its latest collection

home grown books!

You want your kids to be turned on by bedtime books. But most nights, you can’t wait to turn it off (lights: out).

Put the rushed bedtime ritual to sleep with indie darling Home Grown Books. The Brooklyn-based art and education collaboration debuted in 2009 after founder and early reading specialist Kyla Ryman saw a need for visually stimulating content that respected the minds of toddlers — and still engaged Mom and Dad.

home grown books!

The resulting book sets pair Ryman’s simple text with the imagery of local artists (Cecile Dyer’s watercolors, Nathalie Trovato’s cut-paper images) for a combination we think makes for successful sounding-it-out sessions.

The most recent collection, released last month, features the oil paintings of artist Sara Woster. Her exquisite (and instructive) works grace the pages of engaging titles such as How to Make a Fort, Make Me a Pirate, and Finger Painting.

It’s anything but a snooze.

Available at homegrownbooks.org, $30.

home grown books!

Photos: Courtesy of Home Grown Books