Tap Jamberry Nails Custom Wraps

Hand it to your artistic side

You post snaps of Euro tripping on Facebook, pizza lunches on Instagram, and cats in cowboy hats on Twitter.

Go digital on your digits with Jamberry Nails custom nail wraps. Simply upload photos (friends, pets, partners in crime) and a few days later, a personalized eighteen-sticker sheet arrives at your door.

Feeling inspired? Upload masterpieces from an afternoon at the museum, landscapes from a recent road trip, and professional (awkward) family portraits. Or pick a print (floral, snakeskin, French tip) from the seemingly endless online catalog.

Choose different designs for each finger or stick with a single sweet shot for a matching set.

They nailed it.

Available at jamberrynails.net, $19; additional setup fee per order, $6.

jamberry nails!

Photos: Stephania Stanley / DailyCandy; Courtesy of Jamberry Nails