App-y Day: Petting Zoo

Fun without the smell

petting zoo!

The last time we mixed family QT with a petting zoo, we got poop on our shoes, a case of swelling hives, and hands covered in goat saliva. 

For some good old-fashioned (and mess-free) fun with animals, visit them on an iPad. Christoph Niemann, who first won our love with I Lego N.Y., is behind the delightfully minimalist, animated creatures.

petting zoo!

Meet a rabbit who can be stretched by his ears with the touch of a finger, then smushes his face against the screen. Join a cheeky elephant’s bathtub hijinks, and partake in a silly game of head-butting soccer with two monkeys. Each animal morphs into the next, making for endless giggles. 

Which is more than we can say for spitting llamas.

Available at itunes.com, $2.

Photos: Courtesy of Christoph Niemann