Overshared: Volume 2

7 things our editors can't stop talking about this week


1. The Pigeon Post
Everyone waxes poetic about writing and receiving letters, but how much better would it be if a bird popped up in your mailbox? Jillian King, production coordinator

2. Lake & Stars + Kate Spade Sheer Top
It’s not as cozy as my regular flannel sleeping costume, but this lingerie collaboration sure is dreamy. — Danielle Bufalini, market director

3. Wwake Triple-Loop Necklace
I’ve been gawking at this jewelry collection all week and still can’t choose between the sculptural rings and cuffs, delicate earrings, and ropey stunners like this bold woven necklace. — Jay Blades, managing editor

4. The Fun Parts, by Sam Lipsyte
Here’s how the PR described the author of this new short story collection to me: “Funny, true, bittersweet. And he sticks in your head like a Taylor Swift song.” The bold, deeply felt book — populated by a hungry boy, a potentially deranged male doula, and a doomsday hustler — is much darker than anything the pop princess ever wrote. — Allison Hatfield, copy chief

5. “The Ghost Writes Back,” by Amy Boesky
My own honors thesis was titled “Contemporary Teen Romance Novels: a Study of How Girlness Is Constructed.” So it’s no surprise I’m a huge fan of the Harvard grad’s piece about her time spent as one of Sweet Valley High’s principal ghost writers. — Lauren Berger, senior editor

6. Feathers Effect Nail Polish
It’s official: I’m done with glitter (but don’t hold me to that). This thin, confetti-like topcoat looks like a party and gives me something to pick at during long meetings. — Jennifer Jackson, beauty editor

7. Creature Features
Funny animal videos have become our lunch break entertainment of choice. This week, a grocery shopping poodle and an alley cat with attitude have us LOLing between mouthfuls of microwavable calzones. – Evelyn Crowley, L.A. editor/DeAnna Janes, copy editor

Photos: Kathy Zadrozny / Courtesy of 16 Sparrows; William Brinson / Courtesy of Journelle; Courtesy of Totokaelo; Courtesy of Farrar, Straus & Giroux; Notemily / Flickr; Courtesy of Sephora; Getty Images