WeeSpring Gives You Friendly Advice

Find out what your friends think of your registry


The single most important thing an expectant mother can acquire during her pregnancy: a baby gear checklist from a trusted friend.

The single most annoying thing she will suffer that is not spider veins: unsolicited advice from everyone else.

WeeSpring, a new Facebook-integrated app, takes the noise out of shopping for baby by giving parents a platform to seek and share information from and with people they can count on. In other words, you may not know which car seat you need, but your roommate from college with a 2-year-old likely does.

New parents can rate products they’re using, from the must-haves (this paci kept our baby asleep for four hours) to the don’t-waste-your-times (these diapers leaked everywhere). Parents-to-be can use their Facebook friends’ expertise without sending an email or making a decaf coffee date.

And that’s singular.

Available at weespring.com, free.

Photo: J.A. Bracchi / Getty Images