Make a Break for It in Delfina Balda Clothing

What we'd wear on our summer vacation

delfina balda!

Travel Itinerary: SS2013

Departing From: Winter’s death grip on your wardrobe.

Tour Guide Info: Delfina Balda, the Argentine-born, New York-based designer behind the new South American-inspired clothing and jewelry label. 

Inspiration Points: Buenos Aires (Balda’s childhood home) and the Amazon (where she recently confabbed with artisans and mystics to unearth accessories inspiration and raw materials). 

delfina balda!

Recommended Packing List: Silk tunics in fever dream-worthy florals and cool-as-can-be gray wide-leg pants. The Nena knit tank top (based on creations Balda’s mother used to make her as a child) and silk and linen Fuego dress (our personal favorite). 

Prized Souvenirs: Necklaces strung with rain forest-sourced acai seeds, coffee beans, and handcrafted dried orange-peel bits. (Give them a whiff. They actually smell like citrus.)

Next Stop: A look that’s well traveled but always fresh.

It’s first-class fashion all the way.

Available at delfinabalda.com, $75-$495.

Photos: Courtesy of Delfina Balda