Scout Society: The Shiny Squirrel's Jessica Goldfond

A walk in the indie fashion publicist's shoes

Meet Scout Society member Jessica Goldfond.

How do you pay the rent?
I own a PR company called The Shiny Squirrel that is based in New York. 

How else do you fill your days?
I am a really avid indoor gardener. I have around 75 plants in my house and have even brought some into my office. This is a photo of some of my hanging apartment plants. I seem to be collecting macrame hangers. [6]

Who are you following these days?
@notjustapopp — Great jewelry and the personal style is inspiring. [12]
@axandapple — Love seeing where she is traveling, what she is making, and her awesome evolving apartment and studio in L.A. [11]
@etrine — Amazing furniture designer out of Portland, Oregon. Always love to see what he is working on and who he’s collaborating with. [2]

Let’s get Scouting. A self-portrait?
I just bought this hat this weekend. I have been obsessing over these pieces from Italian designer Reinhard Plank and finally got one for myself while wandering around recently. [4]

Your morning coffee? 
Most mornings, I get up and go to coffee at Bakeri on Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn. I love the food — especially if you get there early, and the baguettes are coming out of the oven. I try to avoid the crowds and start my day off with lists of what I want to accomplish that day. [3]

Your significant lover, other, or BFF?
My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year. We met on Instagram, and he moved here from Atlanta last February. [7]

Your muse? 
I get inspired by traveling and the many different cultures and experiences that are out there. Here is a photo from my visit to Bangkok a few years ago. The markets were incredible. [1]

The one photo you refuse to delete from your phone? 
My cats, Monkey and Louise. They are hilarious and really make my apartment feel like home. [9]

What you did last weekend? 
I went to brunch with my friend, Stephanie, from Even Cleveland. We walked around for hours going to boutiques and checking out new offerings. I also went to the Parra show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery and fell in love with his work. [5] These activities were sandwiched between things like watering plants and watching a series of bad Netflix movies like Pretty in Pink

The last thing you chowed down on? 
This spicy tofu soup from someplace in Koreatown. [8]

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