App-y Day: Ready, Set, Baby

You've come a long way, baby (book)

ready set baby!

Forget the tattered, dog-eared baby encyclopedia on your nightstand that you check every night to make sure baby’s hitting her milestones — there’s a new book in town.

Ready, Set, Baby is an e-book for iPad and Kindle containing all the important stuff you need to know about baby’s first year. Child safety? Check. Feeding? Check. Sleeping? Check. 

It’s filled with interactive content, informative expert videos, and tap-to-buy functions for recommended baby gear. With the ability to bookmark pages, take personal notes, and even share content with other sleep-deprived parents, Ready, Set, Baby is a must-have for new moms and dads  — and veteran parental units who’ve blissfully forgotten what it’s like to have a newborn.

Available at itunes.com, $5, and amazon.com,$3. Find more information at readysetbaby.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Ready Set Baby