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Scout Society: Chef Fabio Viviani

Hot dish from the chef and author

Meet Scout Society’s Fabio Viviani.

How do you pay the rent?
I don’t pay rent; I own my house. But I’m always working — either in one of my restaurants or cooking up something at a food and wine festival. My new family recipes cookbook, Fabio’s Italian Kitchen, comes out this week. [11]

How else do you fill your days?
These are my pet turtles. I have eleven, and they’re named “Turtle 1,” “Turtle 2,” “Turtle 3,” and so on. I may not name them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. [6]

Let’s get scouting. A self-portrait?
Here I am behind the scenes of [my Yahoo.com show] Chow Ciao with some little kids we had on the show. They’re awesome to have around — and hilarious — but man, are they exhausting! [8]

Something you’ve made with your hands besides food?
This is a cabinet I actually made — I took the glass from another cabinet, but the wood and construction was all by me. Right now it’s housing something near and dear to every Italian’s heart: wine. [2]

Your closet?
I have an entire closet full of shoes, and I’m not ashamed of it. Maybe more than 100 pairs of Converse. What can I say? I like to be comfortable and stylish. I’m Italian; it’s what we do. [7]

Your medicine cabinet?
My medicine cabinet is pretty normal — except that you’ll notice lots of nasal spray, because I’m always fighting some sort of sinus congestion or another. Kind of a pain when you travel as much as I do. [10]

Your morning coffee routine?
I make Italian espresso with my Bialetti coffee machine. Quick, easy, and gets my day started with a bang. [4]

An ingredient that’s inspiring you right now?
Octopus! Don’t be scared of it. It’s just an eight-legged creature from the ocean — no big deal. [5]

What you did this weekend?
I spent a day at a firehouse in South Central Los Angeles. They even let me drive the fire truck — every little boy’s dream, even if they didn’t let me take it out of the driveway. [9]

What you’ve eaten lately?
I was out at Wildfire restaurant in Chicago, and they serve some delicious cornbread with whipped butter; I was obsessed. They were bringing us our bill at closing time, and I was still ordering cornbread. [12]

Your special place?
Because I’m traveling so much, one of my favorite spots is the couch in front of my TV. I get to relax so infrequently — if I’m zoning out here, nobody better bother me. [1]

And who are you following these days?
— Because I need my daily dose of inspiration.
@ExtraGrumpyCat — Because it makes me laugh. [3]
@American_Heart — I’ve done some work for the American Heart Association recently, and it’s a cause I believe in.

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