Read Your Greens with "Power Vegan," by Rea Frey

Plant yourself in front of a vegan eating guide

power vegan!

You inhale cake faster than a speeding bullet and leap bar stools in a single bound.

But when it comes to eating healthfully, you need someone to save the day. Look no further than Rea Frey. The writer, nutrition specialist, and certified trainer’s debut book, Power Vegan, is packed with info on how to be a better consumer.

Frey follows a plant-based diet and, though she’s adamant about its benefits, doesn’t preach or pander. Through witty personal stories and relatable tips, she helps you figure out how to get energy and nutrients from power foods (apple cider vinegar, chia seeds, beets, grains) without overhauling your life.

From sneaking in proteins and eating like an athlete to customizable workout routines and enhancing your sex life (really), Frey covers all the bases.

She even includes dozens of easy recipes.

Our hero.

Available at amazon.com, $11.50.

Photo: Courtesy of Agate Surrey