Help, Please: Sophie Demenge of Oeuf

Chief correspondent and new mom SuChin Pak finds out how other moms parent


Ten years ago, before there was green commerce or socially sustainable business models, before everything had to be BPA free or organically sourced, there was Oeuf. Sophie Demenge, its co-founder and designer, created a company for families that didn’t put profit before her values. And thanks to Oeuf, we now live in a world where oatmeal and ivy are natural palettes for nurseries, and fair trade and alpaca wool are common baby products. All in all, a pretty fantastic place to be. — SuChin Pak

Congratulations on ten years! What was the baby business like when you first launched?
Thank you very much. What a ride! Ten years ago a true modern aesthetic in realm of nursery furniture was nonexistent. Now it’s the norm. Today the standards of quality are a lot higher, and that’s a good thing.

Your biggest seller: It varies, but lately for the nursery it’s the Sparrow crib and for juvenile it’s the Perch bunk bed.


The Oeuf item that you are most proud of: It’s impossible to answer. It’s like asking which child is your favorite. Every piece was designed at a special time in our life that has meaning to us. What we are most proud of are our dedicated and enthusiastic employees.

Most important consideration when putting together a nursery: Not to overbuy. Babies really don’t need that much. Create a space where you feel comfortable, at peace. A space that makes you smile inside and out and warms your heart.

Your approach to designing family space: Think quality but not precious. It should be comfortable and always readily available for impromptu picnics.

Sleep guru: Ferber, Weissbluth, or Sears?
No guru; I went with the flow. Maybe that explains why my 8-year-old son still visits us at night — yikes.

Time-outs, freak-outs, or make-outs (as in lots of love)?
Definitely not freak-outs, but rather listening emphatically and try to understand what the real issue is. I’m often surprised.

Who has given you the best parenting advice?
I get the best parenting advice from my kids. The best one is probably to really listen and to relax about little things like cleaning their rooms.


The most important bit of parenting advice you’d like to share: Watch and learn from those little experts in happiness. It rubs off.

Your life is a TV show. What’s the title?
Bless the Mess.

What’s in your purse: ChapStick, pens, pencils, notebook, phone, iPod, magazine, book, candies, pieces of paper with scribbles, Band-Aids, and all kinds of useless stuff. I prefer not to carry a purse, actually. I stuff my pockets or my husband’s pockets.

Guilty pleasure: Going to bed at 10 p.m.

Go-to baby gift: My friends get to pick what they like from Oeuf.

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Photos: Niki Dankner & Stephania Stanley / DailyCandy