Nesting Instinct: Blabla Cloth Collection

The knit experts close the loop


Not to sound unloving, but we can’t wait for the day our kids threaten to run away. To Grandma’s house. For the night.

In fact, we’ll pack them up and drop them off.

Blabla’s latest collection of bags, blankets, and pillows makes it easy to say good-bye to the kids for the weekend. The traveling play pads-cum-blankets have handles, so you can fold the cozy cuddlers and head out in a hurry. Totes are big enough to fit stuffed friends and the kid-size pillows.


The Petit Home collection marks the company’s first foray into cloth accessories. Blabla is well-known for its knit toys, mobiles, pillows, and blankets, but its needle-and-hook roots are not lost here: One of the patterns mimics the look of knit — complete with loose threads and lovingly worn holes.

What’s that? You’re headed out? Let us get your stuff.

Available at blablakids.com, $24-$130.

Photos: Courtesy of Blabla