Noe Clothing Says Yes to Getting Undressed

From the bedroom to the beach and back again

noe undergarments!

You reserve parading around in your undies for when the blinds are closed.

Noe Undergarments double-dog dares you to take your sexy dance outdoors.

Twins Shelah Jean Abubo and Bonnie Rae Boyes launched the beach-to-bed label as an homage to their Hawaii roots and frequent hops between surfing and surf-side cocktails.

Sheer chiffon maxidresses and jumpsuits will leave you bikini ready in record time. (Layer one over your own suit or one of their color-popping charmeuse bustiers or bras.)

noe undergarments!

Show (a little) less skin in lambskin leather tanks, shorts, and garter belts, or shimmy into Brazilian-cut bodysuits and color-block thongs that stack up to skintight bottoms and booty shakes alike.

Which is always a good move.

Available for preorder at noeundergarments.com, $62-$355. Use code DAILYCANDYNOE at checkout for 15 percent off through May 8.

Photos: Courtesy of Noe Undergarments