The Stunt Brothers Toy Collection Takes Off

Help fund the rest of the collection at Kickstarter

brinca dada!

We have a saying in our house: You fall down in order to get up.

It’s called gumption, people. And Brinca Dada has it.

The latest toy collection from the kiddie design house is taking off (again). Its first Kickstarter attempt to launch the Stunt Brothers line fell flat, so what did the folks there do? They picked themselves up, headed back to the studio, tweaked the products, and released the first offering — Parachutists — on their own.

Inspired by classic stunt shows, each toy in the collection teaches a basic principle of science and includes a booklet with experiments that get kids (and adults) playing. The toys are made from quality materials such as wood (not plastic), rubber, metal, and several layers of good, safe paint.

But Parachutists is just the beginning. Brinca Dada hopes to roll out a cannon and a stunt car and driver later this year. To do so, the creators launched another Kickstarter campaign. Their goal is $39,000 by May 17.

Let’s give them a net.

Parachutists is available at brincadada.com, $29. Help fund the full toy line at kickstarter.com.

Photo: Stephania Stanley / DailyCandy