Holy Handiwork, Dad!

How to make the coolest comic shoes

dad's book of awesome projects!

In the words of author Mike Adamick, “If Martha Stewart and MacGyver ever hooked up and had a baby, it would look like this book.” It’s quite a crafty claim, but Adamick’s Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects holds a toolshed full of inventive DIY projects — including circus stilts, superhero capes, tinker boards, and a backyard swing set — to back it up.

Little caped crusaders will zoom across the living room with these comic book kicks sure to put some Ka-Pow! in their step. And Dad-and-me bonding time on the calendar.

dad's book of awesome projects!

Old leather shoes (Note: Patent leather works best for smooth surfaces.) 
Comic books
Mod Podge gloss glue
Art paintbrush

1. Cut out small characters, cool drawings, and all the Pow!s and Ka-Blam!s from your comic books. Make sure a lot of them have straight bottoms or straight tops.

2. Once you have a sufficient amount of pieces, large and small, start mapping them out on the shoe.

3. Put a light coat of Mod Podge on the shoe and place cut-out pieces on the leather, starting at the edge of the sole, using pieces that have flat bottoms. Go around the whole shoe. Then, go around the tops of the shoes with pieces that have flat tops. When finished, you should have a band of visible leather between the top and bottom. Start filling in with larger pieces.

4. Once you’ve filled every spare inch with comics, lightly brush the whole shoe with a coat of Mod Podge. Wait about an hour and do it again. It will ensure a high-gloss sheen that looks professional.

5. Wear it well.

Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects is available at amazon.com, $11.

Photos: Courtesy of Mike Adamick