Summer Fridays with Mickey Sumner

The beauty dishes about Greta Gerwig, Kristen Wiig, and Robin Thicke

If you haven’t seen Noah Baumbach’s latest movie, Frances Ha, go now (well, right after you read this story). Greta Gerwig takes the title character, but it’s her on-screen BFF, Sophie, played by Mickey Sumner, who caught our eye.

A talented and beautiful up-and-comer — ahem, you may have heard of her famous parents — Sumner’s making a name for herself in this little indie that could.

Plus, she loves Bananagrams and quotes Clueless. We’re certain you’ll fall for our latest Summer Fridays darling.

We actually voted you and Greta Best Couple of TIFF. It’s like you two have known each other forever. What’s the story there? We didn’t know each other before we started this movie — at all. We weren’t friends. I had met her maybe twice through mutual friends, but just sorta like, “Hi! Hello.” We played a game at a party, Bananagrams, once, but I didn’t have her number [and] never really had a one-on-one conversation with her until my third callback when I read with her. And we just seemed to have some sort of chemistry.

Everyone asks me, how did I prepare to be Greta Gerwig’s best friend in this movie, and it’s sort of like [laughing], “Just meet Greta!” You don’t need to prepare; she’s so wonderful to be around. You sort of fall in love with her quite easily.

frances ha!

Frances Ha’s killing it at the indie box office. Thoughts on that? I didn’t even think about this moment. [Laughs.] You know, we made it, and we had such an amazing time making it, and then we did the festivals, and that was really fun. But I don’t think I even really questioned how it would do at the box office. And now this is new to me. I’ve never really had such a prominent role in a hit movie. And, yeah, it’s really amazing, and I feel really lucky. I’m so happy that people are just getting so much from it — as much as I got from making it — that people are sort of loving it and telling their friends to see it and seeing it again. It’s so nice to be part of something like that.

Girl Most Likely comes out next month. Give us a sneak peek. Oh, I have a very teeny, teeny, teeny role. I play a British lady, which is also nice to be able to be English, because I am English [laughing]. I play a friend of Kristen Wiig’s character, Imogene, and getting to work with her was such a treat.

Tell us more about working with her. She’s insanely funny, which is actually kind of hard to work with, ’cause you just want to sort of stop and watch her and laugh, and then you’re like, “Oh, I have a line.”

frances ha!

Can’t wait to see you as Patti Smith in CBGB. How did you prepare? Oh, my goodness. It was a lot of preparation for that role, because I felt like it was a big responsibility to play Patti Smith, who is so loved and one of my heroes. She’s just so cool, and I’m like, “I don’t think I can be this cool!” But I really focused on her music.

In the movie, I perform some of her songs. YouTube became my best friend; thank God so much of her live performances are on YouTube. And I actually rented a recording studio, where I got to practice singing on stage, ’cause that was a new experience for me and sort of terrifying. So I got to practice stage presence, and there was a mirror, which was really useful, because she has really good dance moves. And I just wanted to sort of nail them. And I worked with a dialect coach, and I read all her books and fell in love with her albums. It was really fun researching her.

Any other musical talents fans don’t know about? No [laughing]. I am totally unmusical.

Let’s get personal. Favorite quote-along movie? Maybe I shouldn’t even admit this, but the one movie I do seem to quote a lot is Clueless. I must have been about 13 when that movie came out, and, I don’t know, I just fell in love with it.

frances ha!

Summer plans? I’m working right now in Detroit filming, so I’m flying back and forth between [NYC] and Detroit, so those are my summer plans for now. I think I’m going to go to Morocco at the beginning of August. My best friend lives there, and I am going to go sit on a beach in Morocco.

Best summer snack? Well, I live near the High Line, and it has People’s Pops. Which are like Popsicles, and I sort of have an addiction to them. They have new flavors every day.

Favorite flavor? There’s a weird one with basil. It’s really weird but good and refreshing.

Summer beauty must-haves? I’m super pale, so I use a lot of SPF. Neutrogena SPF spray, all over, everywhere. Sadly I don’t go a nice color.

Do you have a summer theme song? I’m a little bit obsessed right now with Daft Punk’s new song, and also — what’s his name, Thicke? Robin Thicke’s song, “Blurred Lines.” I might be really behind in music; I never know what’s new or what’s 3 years old, but those two make me feel good in the morning.

Those are good ones! And, Robin Thicke, with that video … Yeah, that is a very sexy video.

Getaway or staycay? I like to get away.

Double scoop or snow cone? More like a triple-scoop ice cream person.

Floppy-brim topper or trucker hat? Floppy. Floppy and big.

On vacay: Plug in or log off? I’m totally addicted to my iPhone.

East Coast or West Coast? East Coast

Frances Ha hits theaters nationwide today. Find showtimes at fandango.com. For more entertainment, check out June’s must-see movies, GoWatchIt channels, and Download picks.

Photos: Jake Bailey; Courtesy of IFC Films