Make Mosquitoes Hate You

DEET-free Aromaflage Bug Repellant

When you’re trying to avoid catching the West Nile virus (um, always), I’m your girl.

Without fail, mosquitoes swarm me, leaving anyone else in the vicinity unscathed. (Current one-night bite record is 102.) That means you can find me pretty much any summer night hovering around the citronella flame, soaked in the most DEET-laced bug spray I can find.

So when the dainty bottle of Aromaflage came across my desk, I had doubts. But into my weekender and out to Shelter Island, New York, it went. Before venturing out, I spritzed my arms, legs, and clothes. Two barbecues and one game of bocce ball later, I walked away with a mere two bites.

In lieu of anything toxic, the fragrance-meets-repellent relies on vanillin, a component of vanilla extract that’s EPA approved to keep the little blood suckers away. Subtly sweet essential oils, namely cedarwood and orange peel, not only function as the perfect summer perfume but also extend and amplify the repellent effect.

If you’re still worried, toss a few sprigs of rosemary on a hot grill for back-up protection.

Not that you’ll need it.

Available at mikeyandmomo.myshopify.com, $65.

Photo: Courtesy of Mikey & Momo