Does That Come in Our Size?

ChalkNYC dresses kids better than their moms


Consistent nap times and an ever-present sense of wonder are a few of our kids’ possessions we’d really like for ourselves. But rarely do we covet the contents of their closets.

Chalk that up to the fact that they’re not wearing jeans, dresses, tops, or tees from ChalkNYC.

The new line mimics a downtown mom’s dream wardrobe, only shrunken. As founder/designer Colleen Crivello pulled piece after piece in her Tribeca showroom, the only appropriate response to the exquisite tailoring and sweet but sophisticated fall styles was, “Stop it right now.”


Each item combines grown-up style with a touch of childlike whimsy. Washable silk party blouses and dresses incorporate a few simple pin tucks. Whisper-soft tees in Peruvian pima cotton get a light sprinkling of stars. And a cashmere wool jacket that wouldn’t be out of place at Isabel Marant flashes a bright, coral lining.

Thumbing through the Italian wool, silks, and stretch leathers (yes, really), something dawned on us: It’s only a matter of time before our kids are way cooler than we are.

But maybe by then we’ll have figured out the naps.

Available at chalknyc.com, $48-$698.


Photos: Courtesy of Chalk NYC