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If we had time to read every parenting book and blog du jour, we’d run ourselves ragged trying to bring up the happiest, most securely attached bé on the block.

Which is precisely what prompted the launch of MomAssembly, a one-stop shop for online mini video courses taught by a cadre of cream-of-the-crop parenting experts.

The site — a collaboration between Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger (authors of sleep-training bible The Sleepeasy Solution) and MTV vet Jen Ringel — cuts through the child-rearing chatter by offering quick and trustworthy classes on everything from infant CPR and baby sign language to sleep habits and dealing with sibling rivalry.

Pedigreed instructors such as Susan Stiffelman (Parenting Without Power Struggles) and Betsy Brown Braun (You’re Not the Boss of Me) are carefully selected by Spivack and Waldburger, and the courses are produced in-house to ensure high production value. Every class is delivered in a series of non-time-sucking eight- to ten-minute sessions, which can be streamed on any device. Prices average about $10 for 90 minutes of content.

There’s also a Quora-like forum moderated by the experts, so moms can start question threads that don’t devolve into the free-for-all of most parenting chat rooms.

Sage parenting advice all in one place? Feels like we’ve hit the motherlode.

Available at momassembly.com.

Photos: Dean Mitchell / Getty Images