Send Little Lumberjacks to Camp Wolf

A mommy blogging duo debuts one-of-a-kind jackets, tees, and accessories

Gather round the campfire: We’ve got a tale of mothering in the age of social media.

When Portland, Oregon-based Cora Schleicher had her son, Miles Waylon Wolf, she (naturally) started blogging. And sewing. And pinning.

Via Instagram (of course), she met Cristin Morgan, a Richmond, Virginia-based mom, blogger, and accessories designer. The vintage-obsessed pair was a match made in cyberspace.

camp wolf!

Together, they launched e-commerce site Camp Wolf, which debuted Sunday. Schleicher’s lumberjack-chic children’s jackets are thrifted and deconstructed, then reconstructed by hand with Pendleton wool. Morgan’s matching bow ties, hair adornments, and graphic tees round out the mix. In the works: kids’ baseball caps, backpacks, and goods for adults.

We fell for the line the minute we spied it (on Twitter — where else?), and the one-of-a-kind pieces are already flying fast.

Just wait till the pinnerati stumble upon it.

Available at camp-wolf.com, $16-$65.

camp wolf!

Photos: Courtesy of  Margaret Jacobson / Camp Wolf