The Secret Is Out

Eleven things we learned from the cast of “Scandal”

Soho’s no stranger to obscenities. But last week, things got downright scandalous.

During a series called Meet the Actors, the Apple store presented the cast of Scandal to a packed house (and screaming fans). Among them: half the DailyCandy edit team, front row and center right (not to mention a few seats away from the Shonda Rhimes).

Assuming you’re on a first-name basis with Olivia and the gang, we’ll skip introductions and dive right in (oh, you’re not? IMDb that). Herewith, eleven things we learned.


11. Scott Foley drinks Starbucks. On ice. He also wears pink.

10. Guillermo Díaz got a lottery ticket from Tom Hanks. He didn’t win anything.

9. Joshua Malina gets mistaken for Nick Kroll from The League. We can see why.

8. Darby Stanchfield swears Abby’s flat-iron days are over. New waves, new smoky eye? We’re all for a new Abby.

7. Díaz looks impressive in a vest. And Allstars.

6. Kerry Washington hates Twitter hate. We’re with her.

5. Fans prefer Fitz. As discovered by a Fitz vs. Jake audience poll taken by Foley. Embarrassed, he bailed. (Then came back.)

4. Díaz likes scary movies. And uses them as therapy to decompress after performing emotionally wrought scenes.

3. Washington has an almond-shape mani. We can tell a lot by the curvature of a woman’s nails. Pointy = will cut a bitch.

2. Díaz gives piggyback rides. He was mounted by a crazy fan at a Gay Pride event in Utah.

1. “Black love is beautiful,” said Washington of the show’s interracial romances. Save the Last Dance, anyone?

The cast was asked to give three-word teasers for season three. They were as follows:
“Don’t look away.” — Scott Foley
“Explosive unexpected dark.” — Guillermo Díaz
“Shocking riveting heartbreaking.” — Darby Stanchfield
“Sizzling sexy cauliflower.” — Joshua Malina
“Provocative artful scandalous.” — Kerry Washington

Scandal airs on ABC every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET. For more entertainment, flip through our must-see movies, Download picks, and fall TV lineup.

Photos: Robin Marchant; D Dipasupil / Getty Images