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Read “Perfect Pies & More” and “Winter Cocktails” Now

Decadent desserts and lovely libations for fall

Tingly skin? That’s winter creeping in.

And nothing says cold weather like curling up with a good book — or, in this case, a pair of good cookbooks.

winter cocktails!

The first, Winter Cocktails, breaks down the elements of modern-day mixology (glassware, essential bar ingredients, tools and techniques), then follows with recipes ranging from esoteric (rompope, a derivation of Spanish egg punch) to homey (Earl Grey lavender hot chocolate).

Author and chef María del Mar Sacasa takes the snobbery out of snifting. Recipes are approachable, and you get the impression she won’t judge you if you substitute orange for lemon.

perfect pies & more!

Baking (and eating) fiends, ready your stretchies: Perfect Pies & More, the latest from 27-time National Pie Championship winner Michele Stuart, is almost hot out of the oven.

Stuart’s second book gives the people what they want: pie in all forms, from Thin Mint chocolate cookie to pear-ginger to butterscotch cream. And then it goes beyond the crust, with blueberry-blackberry turnovers, old-fashioned baked rice pudding (a family recipe we’re eager to try), and her sought-after chocolate chip cookies.

Both books come out later this month, just in time for Thanksgiving feasting.

Winter Cocktails is available for preorder at amazon.com, $15; Perfect Pies & More is available for preorder at amazon.com, $20.

Photos: Courtesy of Tara Striano; Courtesy of Ben Fink