“Fold Me Up” Is at Your Fingertips

The answers to your questions about life, love, and cooties

You may ask yourself, Should I have another cocktail?

You may ask yourself, Is living alone making me peculiar?

You may tell yourself, What I need is an emergency self-confidence booster.

Allow us to suggest a better solution: a few old-fashioned cootie catchers to help answer all life’s pressing questions. That’s where those links up there — and Fold Me Up — come in.

The brainchild of writer Michelle Taute and graphic designer Kelly Kofron, the new book is a collection of 100 paper fortune-tellers — the kind you played with as a kid, only funnier and prettier. (Some are even illustrated by design world luminaries such as Skull-a-Day project founder Noah Scalin, DailyMonster.com creator Stefan Bucher, and textile designer Jessica Jones.)

fold me up!

It’s the perfect thing to have at the ready for your next party: Tear them out, fold them up, solve the mysteries of the world with your friends. But if you just can’t wait till after work (or until your Amazon Prime order arrives), print out one (or all) of the above — and spend the rest of the day entertaining your co-workers.

Available at amazon.com, $12.

Photos: Center bottom – illustrations by Stefan G. Bucher; all others courtesy of Michelle Taute