Skip the Scrapbook Thanks to TimeCapsules

A simple, stylish way to commemorate 2013

time capsules for kids!

What do an old shoe, a one-eyed giraffe, and a single chestnut curl have in common? They can all make you cry at the drop of a hat.

But booties and loveys don’t tape neatly into baby books, so we’re thankful for TimeCapsules — a new keepsake kit thoughtfully designed in the Netherlands to house 2013’s precious artifacts in style.

The sleek, one-foot-wide white capsule comes with fun, tasteful supplies (tags, stickers, labels, washi tape, wrapping paper, and a blank notebook for your musings and memories). It’s equal parts craft project and winter break distraction, and a sweet excuse to spend an afternoon reminiscing about the year’s highlights and milestones.

Sealing the capsule is optional, but for those with willpower there’s a strong strip to keep treasures safe until your tot is practically a teenager.

That is, the ripe old age of 2.

Available at perfectlysmitten.com, $75.

Photo: Courtesy of TimeCapsules