The Toymail App and Mailmen Toys Send Your Love

A Kickstarter project for techie toddlers

Your toddler could swipe a tablet before he could talk and had a Gmail account before a birth certificate (quick thinking, Dad).

So a Kickstarter-backed toy that lets minis “text” with Mom is definitely his jam.

Inventors Gauri Nanda (the brain behind the Clocky rolling alarm clock) and Audry Hill would like to introduce you to the Mailmen, a line of colorful, four-inch-tall, Wi-Fi-enabled toys that allow you to send messages to your munchkins in real time via an app on your phone. Back the project now, and Toymail promises to ship the innovative toys in time for Christmas.

toymail toys!

Kids can choose from five animal-inspired characters who snort, whinny, or growl when a message comes in. Parents can decide whether the characters “talk” in their voices or through a filter. One press of the play button and your “I love you” gets relayed (and kids can reply) — creating an instant connection from your office to the playground.

We predict littles will adore their new dolls who sound like Mom (or Grandpa or Aunt Suzie). And you’ll love the smart use of technology — no screen required.

Available for preorder on kickstarter.com, $50-$200 pledge. For more information, go to toymailco.com.

toymail toys!
Photos: Courtesy of Toymail