What to Watch Tonight

We want “The Truth About Emanuel”

We first saw this thriller-meets-interpretive art piece at Sundance, where director Francesca Gregorini was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. Then we saw it again at the Brooklyn Film Fest, where it won for best cinematography. Originally, it was called Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes — even though it has nothing to do with fish or their truths (new title vastly superior to old title).

Kaya Scodelario, whom you’ll recognize from Wuthering Heights and MTV’s Skins, plays teenage Emanuel, a sarcastic little thing who becomes obsessed with her neighbor, who looks like her dead mother. That neighbor is Linda (Jessica Biel), a single new mother rocking a cradle of crazy.

Gregorini and Tatiana von Furstenberg — yes, that Furstenberg — team up again, so you can expect a very well-dressed cast. The duo divvied up the writing, directing, and producing responsibilities for their first cinematic partnership, Tanner Hall, which starred a young Rooney Mara in chic private school ensembles. In fact, Gregorini wrote the role of Emanuel with Mara in mind. Too bad scripts and funds take time — Mara got too old to play the part. No bother, she jumped on as co-producer.

And that’s the truth.

The Truth About Emanuel premieres today on demand. Look for it in theaters come January. For more entertainment, flip through other movie must-sees, our new A-list, and latest playlist.

Photo: Courtesy of Tribeca Film and Well Go USA Entertainment