Two Short Films to Watch Now

Completely unrelated yet similarly themed films you need to know about

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Which is why when we got wind of these two short films, which have absolutely nothing in common aside from the life-and-death theme, we just had to share.

First up: Aningaaq, directed by Jonás Cuarón, who co-wrote Gravity with his brother, Alfonso. A companion piece to the thriller, Aningaaq illustrates the other end of that SOS call Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) makes from space. The man on the line: an Inuit named Aningaaq, who is dealing with his own mortal matters. And even though he doesn’t speak or understand a word of English, the two find comfort in one another — if only for a short while.

Anyone who’s seen Gravity understands its weight. Somehow this short delivers a blow just as heavy in less than ten minutes. Why Warner Bros. didn’t include it as a stinger at the end of the feature-length film, we’ll never know. But the studio did submit it to the Oscars for Best Live Action Short. It’s that good.

On to something arguably lighter, definitely stranger. Tropico stars songstress Lana Del Rey; model Shaun Ross; and a mishmash of Walt Whitman, unicorns, and stripper poles. Broken into three parts, the Biblical endeavor begins in an Insta-filtered Garden of Eden, where Adam (Ross) and Eve (Del Rey) are going at it while John Wayne, Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe (that’s the life and death part) chat it up. It ends somewhere over the rainbow.

Long for a short at just under half an hour, it verges on oxymoron. Fitting, since its themes mirror those in Born to Die and Born to Die: the Paradise Edition. We like to think of it as a mini Del Rey concert: She performs “Body Electric,” “Gods & Monsters,” and “Bel Air” in full. It’s sinfully good.

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Photos: Courtesy of Warner Bros. / Chuck Grant