Play the Match Game with New Site Mom Meet Mom

Find local friends for you and your baby online

Everyone knows the hardest part of having a baby is finding new mom friends.

Just kidding: It’s sleep deprivation.

But feeling isolated doesn’t help. Thankfully, Mom Meet Mom, a recently launched matchmaking site, introduces you to other newbies in your area.

Co-founder Julia High’s experience is all too familiar to new moms: “I was going to parks and having those awkward moments where you see somebody cool, sidle up alongside her, and ask for her number. It was an exhausting experience.” So, she and her two partners took the meet cute online.

Start by filling out your profile. Questions include the basics (stay-at-home versus working), personality (introvert versus extrovert), and interests, much like a dating site. But there is plenty of opportunity to delve deeper, should you wish to find a like-minded Jewish mother of an autistic 2-year-old who is also allergic to gluten and is available on Monday afternoons. Then, search the matches in your neighborhood and send them messages.

We know that meeting other moms online can feel a bit unsettling, but it’s nowhere near as scary as spending a winter’s day stuck inside a small apartment with a fussy 4-month-old. Since the site just launched, your matches might be limited at first, but the first step is reaching out.

It’s easier than it sounds.

Sign up at mommeetmom.com.

Photo: Getty Images