What to Watch Tonight

The “Alpha House” that Amazon built

It’s unanimous. Amazon has a hit.

Alpha House is now available to stream.

The digital heavyweight’s original series, which won a voters’ poll (very democratic) back in April, follows a group of Republican senator roomies through reelection, indictments, and everything in between. Adam Bernstein (Californication, House of Lies) and Jake Schreier (Robot & Frank) direct, with Garry Trudeau (the Doonesbury cartoonist) scripting.

alpha house!

Let’s meet the senators.

Gil John Biggs
(R) North Carolina
Speaks with a twang, loves the F word, and sleeps — everywhere
Played by John Goodman

Robert Bettencourt
(R) Pennsylvania
Played by Clark Johnson (The Wire)

Louis Laffer
(R) Nevada
Avid supporter of TMI
Played by Matt Malloy (Hawthorne, Election)

Andy Guzman
(R) Florida
A ladies’ man who tees off more than Tiger Woods
Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa’s other half)

Guest stars include Cynthia Nixon, Haley Joel Osment, Steven Colbert, and a hound dog named Buster. We’re in.

Alpha House is available at amazon.com. Episodes one through three are free; the subsequent eleven roll out weekly on Amazon Prime.

Photos: Courtesy of Amazon Studios