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Customize Your Breakfast Cereal

Healthy concoctions made just for you

A word from our asses: Cronuts have had their day in the sun. These days, we’re celebrating more healthful, pond-hopping foods.

Our newest obsession: MixMyOwn, a build-your-own-breakfast-cereal company from a European couple with a disdain for dimples.

Simply put, this could be the best thing that ever happened to your morning routine (not to mention a delicious way to kick-start your New Year’s resolutions).

Unlike traditional American cereals, Swiss muesli — a raw blend of oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit — is free of additives and sugar. The beauty of MixMyOwn (besides the fact that it’s organic, non-GMO, and preservative free) lies in the variety of mix-ins.

First, choose your base (we recommend Five-Grain Bircher Base for first-timers). Next, supplement with millet, quinoa, or kamut puffs; spelt flakes; and more. For fruits, we’re jazzed about freeze-dried varieties (wild blueberries, blackberries) and less conventional options (mulberries, kiwi).

The fun doesn’t stop there. Nuts and seeds — from almonds and Brazil nuts to chia and hemp — offer a plethora of health benefits. The final category, Extras, is a nutrition nut’s playground: bee pollen, spirulina, matcha powder, cacao nibs, and vanilla bean, to name a few. To avoid surprises, nutritional information is calculated as you add ingredients.

We love our mix stirred into thick yogurt and drizzled with raw honey or soaked overnight in cashew milk.

You can say we’re over the spoon.

Available at mixmyown.com, prices vary.

Photo: James Ross / Getty Images