A Hair Book Thick with Inspiration

Locks smith Laurent Philippon’s tome makes our coffee table cut

laurent philippon hair book!

Awkward salon reveals (read: your stylist got scissor happy) are a rite of passage.

Whether you yuk it up or yak in the nearest rinse sink, at least you’ve got a good story.

Leave it to hairstylist and Fashion Week regular Laurent Philippon to bring those tales to life. His new book, Hair: Fashion and Fantasy, reads like an anthology of greatest hits mixed with an intensely organized inspiration journal.

laurent philippon hair book!

Each themed section (braids, curls, mohawks, wigs) resonates, thanks to old magazine photos, history lessons, and personal essays from famous friends.

Entertainer Dita Von Teese describes growing up in small-town Michigan as a shy child with naturally light locks; Vidal Sassoon reminisces about creating collar-skimming angled bobs in the 1960s; designer muse Daphne Guinness tells the story behind her signature black and white coif.

The book weighs in at a whopping 320 pages.

There’s not an iota we’d trim.

Available at amazon.com, $26.

laurent philippon hair book!

Photos: Courtesy of Thames & Hudson; Norbert Schoerner; Sanchez & Mongiello; François Nars