Kitchen Tools and More from Flotsam + Fork

Fresh off the boat: European cookware

Forget Paris? Fuggedaboutit.

Thanks to Flotsam + Fork, you can fill your kitchen with European essentials without stepping away from the stove.

On her maiden voyage to the city of lights, Wisconsinite Adrianna Fie fell hard for the sturdy, functional cookware ubiquitous in local shops. Her charming online store brings those very tools (many still novel in the States) to our shores.

Fie’s smart design sensibility and culinary know-how (she earned a master’s in food studies at NYU) impart the shop with color and panache. Inventory includes orange and mustard yellow bread knives from a six-generation-strong company in Thiers, France; a mod Chantry knife sharpener via England; glazed French stoneware breakfast bowls; and retro-inspired enamel trivets made in Spain’s Basque region.

flotsam and fork!

The cleaning section offers a smattering of brushes imported from Germany and Sweden: natural-fiber vegetable scrubbers, washbasin cleaners, cereal root whisks, and more.

Come spring, scoop up hand-blown glass vases by way of Germany, designed for growing and displaying paper-whites indoors, and Bauhaus-inspired children’s plates and bowls by a potter outside Berlin.

Prices top out at $80.

Take that, round-trip ticket.

Available at flotsamandfork.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Flotsam and Fork